Campus culture

Educational goal: to implement Understanding Education and build a harmonious and outstanding school.
Educational principle: for the children’s lifelong development and happiness.
Our pursuit: to offer the best education for the children’s development.
School motto: I say what I think and do what I say.
School spirit: to find virtue in harmony, seek truth in happiness, and win glory through harmony and happiness.
Teaching style: Love students by heart, enlighten them by wisdom and inspire them by virtue.
Academic atmosphere: Be voluntary, be active and be cheerful to learn.
Style of work: be understanding, be wise, and be popular.


The Third English Festival of Nanshan Primary School begins!
The appearance of bright red banners written with English slogans and the fresh English voices heard in the bell rings in our campus tell us that something English is going to happen.
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A brief introduction to Nanshan Primary School
Founded in 1921, Nanshan Primary School, as a first-class school of Shenzhen City, is situated near Nanshan Mountain and Qianhai Bay.
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1.A variety of school­­­­-based curriculum2.Comprehensive Practice Curriculum rooted in the local culture
3.Green Nanshan
4.Great progress in the development of the computerized campus.
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